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Saving: Good for your body and your mind

Tossing and turning at night because you’re worried about your money? Overspending and can’t figure out why?


Research shows that when you shop at the grocery store with a credit card, you’re far more likely to overspend. Worse still, you’re more likely to pack your cart full of crap that can make you sick. Cookies, cakes, chips are all OK when you’re using credit, but not so much when you’re parting with those dollar bills that makes you a more sensible shopper.

Overspending on crappy food isn’t just bad for your bottom line and waistline, it can be bad for your relationships too. Research out of the U.K. shows that 37% of people who sought help with their money say that their money problems lead to rocky relationships. If your happy-go-lucky partner has turned surly, check the credit card statement balances!

If those balances are up because you’ve been impulse shopping for all sorts of stuff, you could be increasing your stress levels for very little return in the happiness department. Being happy is one of the best ways to increase your health. Material things lose big time to memories when it comes to increasing your happiness quotient.

By the way, when you get your grocery receipt, don’t just stick it in your wallet. Did you know that the receipts in your wallet are full of chemicals that have been linked to all sorts of diseases? Yuck. And if you keep your receipts with your money, those chemicals will rub off and end up on your skin when you’re shopping. No, you shouldn’t take your wallet home and wash it. Just keep your receipts in a separate section or envelope and wash up after you handle them.

Sick of feeling like you’re running to keep up? Stop. Think about what you’re using your money for, anticipate the experiences you’re going to have and build good memories with family and friends. You’ll not only feel more in control, you’ll be healthier.