The Best Place to Live in Alberta

The Best Place to Live in Alberta

This safe and wealthy city holds the No. 4 spot in our overall ranking

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    (The City of St. Albert)

    St. Albert, Alta.

    best place to liveIt’s no secret Alberta’s fortunes have taken a turn for the worse. Not so long ago, unemployment in the province was nearly nonexistent; now it hovers around 7.2%. The lost income and lost jobs have taken their toll on the province’s cities in our ranking this year—that is, everywhere except St. Albert. Despite the challenges facing Wild Rose Country, this small community northwest of Edmonton holds on to the fourth spot overall on our ranking.

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    Located just outside of the downtown core, St. Albert is an idyllic place for anyone to live, but particularly for those raising kids. The family-focused nature of the community is on display during the International Children’s Festival of the Arts, which attracts more than 50,000 spectators each year, along with other kid-friendly draws like the St. Albert Children’s Theatre. It’s a safe city—and a wealthy one, too. The median incomes here are among the highest in the province and substantially higher than what you would find in nearby Edmonton. But since home prices are on par with what you’d expect downtown, living in St. Albert is a relative steal.


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    St. Albert Twitter photo credit: (Courtesy of the City of St. Albert)


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