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Couch Potato rebalancing

Free tools to help passive investors rebalance their Couch Potato portfolios.

  • Squawkfox’s Kerry Taylor says she has “a school girl’s crush” on MoneySense‘s Dan Bortolotti’s financial writing. Why? He’s Canada’s leading teacher on the Couch Potato investing strategy used by Taylor and others. Here are her favourite free Couch Potato portfolio rebalancing tools.
  • Canada’s brokerages regulator (IIROC) says it “deeply regrets” the loss of a portable device containing personal information of select clients at a number of investment firms. There’s been no evidence of foul play to date and the affected investment firms have been notified, IIROC said. A call centre has also been set to field investors calls on the matter.
  • The real estate market overall may be softening in Canada but some cities are bucking the trend. See where real estate prices are soaring.
  • We’ve raised the issue of digital assets and estate planning here at once before. Now Google is making it easier to plan for your “digital afterlife” with its new Inactive Account Manager. The service allows you to delete or pass data on when your Google accounts become inactive for three, six, nine or 12 months.
  • According to a new BMO Nesbitt Burns survey, the majority of Canadians file their taxes because “it’s the right thing to do.” Twenty-eight per cent of respondents said they file to get a refund, while others said they want to avoid the hassle of back taxes or audits. In all, 94% said they file their income tax return every year. What compels you to file? Our online Tax Centre has loads of information to help you keep more of what’s yours while complying with the law and contributing your fair share.