The best week to buy a Christmas tree this year

The best week to buy a Christmas tree this year

Avoid peak traffic. Here’s when to hit the farms


If you’re looking to find the perfect Christmas tree, consumer trend-watcher Square Data has crunched the numbers and they show that this is the best week to do it. Why? Because foot traffic is low and inventory is high. According to the report, the second Friday of December—which last year was the 11th but this year falls on December 9—is also the busiest time to buy a Christmas tree so go before then if you can.

Key tips? The second weekend in December (Decmeber 10 and 11 this year) are the busiest for Christmas Tree businesses—meaning heavy competition for that coveted coniferous tower. Your best bet? Weekdays during the week of December 5th (as in, this week!) when inventories are still high.

As for average Christmas tree prices this year? In B.C., the most expensive province, it’s $39 for a Douglas Fir, whereas in Ontario, it’s just $27. The price decreases the further east you go in Canada.

There’s often a huge rush to buy the best Christmas Tree before local lots and tree farms are overrun for the season. So it’s important for consumers to know which days are the busiest,  when they should buy their tree to beat the crowds and ensure they get the best-looking tree on the lot.

If you’re still hunting for the right tree, procrastinate no longer.

View the infographic for more information below.

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