Want to know the cost of love? $50,339.21

Want to know the cost of love?

You’ll need to budget $50,339.21

(Getty Images/Robert Deutschman)

(Getty Images/Robert Deutschman)

Who says love heals all wounds? What about the hit your wallet takes?

Ok, cynicism aside, a new survey shows that the cost of love increased by 11.4% (year-over-year) in 2015.

According to RateSupermarket’s 3rd annual Cost of Love study the $50k+ price tag for romance includes a year of dating, a year of engagement before the final wedding day. (I know this is a tad askew from my regular home owner and real estate topics, but I couldn’t resist. Let’s face it: after marriage doesn’t always come baby carriage, sometimes its a house.)

So, want to know the breakdown? RateSupermarket conducted a cost analysis on the top expenses faced by couples, from casual dating to wedding day:

One Year of Dates: $7,740.21

  • 12 Fancy Dates: (nice dinners, theatre tickets): $2,335
  • 36 Casual Dates: (12 takeout dinners, 12 coffee dates and a Netflix subscription): $489
  • 12 Movie Dates: (movie tickets, concessions): $570.96
  • 2 Weekend Getaways: (2 days away, 2 nights away, $100 credit card bill): $821.50
  • Beach Vacation: $2,254.67
  • Other Expenses: (Flowers: $126.98, Men’s Wardrobe: $1143.10): $1270.08

One-Year Engagement: $10,913.99

  • Another Year of Dates + 50% Wardrobe update: $4,913.99
  • Engagement Ring: $4,000
  • Engagement Party: $2,000

Tying The Knot: $31,685*

*Source: 2014 Weddingbells/Mariage Quebec Reader Survey

RateSupermarket.ca Cost of Love study

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