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Fade-out lighting costs

The simple, sculptural elegance of the Dixon Beat Light series doesn’t come cheap. Let us lighten your budget three-fold.


While travelling in India, British industrial designer Tom Dixon was inspired by the hammered surfaces and arabesque shapes of the brass vessels used for carrying water. The trip led him to design the Beat Light series: recreations of these metal pots turned upside down and suspended with the addition of central illumination. Their thin metal construction expresses both roundness and precise crisp edges. Exteriors are available in matte black or high-gloss polyurethane white lacquer, while the interior is a shimmering gold, with hand-hammered divots. The light from the bulb dances around the facets, creating a warm, hearth-like glow.

Dixon has them handmade in India, to maintain their authenticity, as well as to support this rapidly vanishing skill. To behold a Beat Light is to look at both an antiquity and a modern art object. If you buy the originals in their three distinctive shapes—Tall, Wide, Fat—expect to pay $670 each at Klausn.com. In the reproduction market, beware of basic bowl-like shapes, smooth non-faceted interiors and gold that flakes off. Morba.ca sells quality facsimiles called the Funnel, Platter and Fez, shaped precisely like the originals but for only $199 each. At that price, why stop at one?—Ronit Novak