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Get paid to shop online

Earn up to 10% cashback shopping with big retailers.


A new website has come to Canada with a lofty promise: says it will mail shoppers cheques for 1% to 10% of the value of every purchase made with more than 500 big-name online retailers. Account holders log on to Ebates before heading over to the sites of retailers like The Bay, Apple and Expedia (pre-packaged all inclusive vacations not included). Cashback amounts are automatically calculated at checkout and cheques are sent every quarter. Sounds great, but is it too good to be true?

Turns out, this site is the real deal. In the U.S., Ebates has been negotiating rebates with online retailers for 13 years, keeping a portion of the money for itself and passing the rest on to consumers. Steven Zussino, president of shopping site Grocery Alerts Canada, is a convert. He’s been using Ebates since 2011 and has earned $2,200 to date. “I find it just amazing,” he says. “You get paid for shopping online.”