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Go Dutch! Affordable commuter bike

The Royal Dutch Gazelle is the gold standard for urban commuter bicycles, but we found one for less than half the cost.


Designed in 1902, the Royal Dutch Gazelle is synonymous with heirloom quality and near indestructibility. Its best-selling model, the Tour Populair, boasts a rustproof galvanized steel frame, stainless steel rims and chip-proof paint. At $1,500, such substance doesn’t come cheap. But on the style side, the Gazelle’s upright seating position ensures you won’t break a sweat, nor will you ever have to worry about grease on your suit or skirt on the way to work: the chain, gears and brakes are all neatly concealed and protected, while front and back fenders keep puddles off you. Groceries can be secured in the front basket or on the back rack, and a pedal-powered front headlight lights up the night.

Our more affordable alternative is the Linus Dutchi, $700. Its motto: “a simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff.” With the same internal gears and chain, plus fenders to keep you neat and tidy, it’s also equipped with standard cargo rack, kickstand and bell. Durability isn’t a problem either: it features a high-tensile steel frame, a three-piece forged aluminum crank and double-wall alloy rims with stainless steel spokes. Vintage colour choices include cream, sage and marine blue. Find Canadian retailers for Linus and Royal Dutch Gazelle at onthefourth.com.