The right price for a chaise lounge

The right price to pay for a chaise lounge

Look for a metal frame if you want something that’ll last


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.14.36 PMThe right price for a chaise lounge depends on what’s important to you: functionality or decor. Spend over $800, and you’ll get nice design but little more in the way of functionality than a $250 chair. Within that range, “you’re getting the same stuff,” says interior designer Joey Vogel. “It’s going to be made in China,” so aim for the lower end of that spectrum. Anything cheaper than $250, and “it’s probably not adjustable,” says Vogel. It will also likely be made out of plastic. That’s fine if you don’t mind replacing it every few seasons, but for more durability, look for a metal frame. A cushion can add at least $60. Just make sure the cover unzips, since “people will get sweaty,” and you’ll want to wash it.



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