Save up to 30% on groceries with new coupon app

Save up to 30% on groceries with new coupon app

Canadian app gets revamped to include more savings options


Want a better shopping experience? Consider Digital flyer’s updated Flipp app.

The free shopping app lets consumers scroll through digital flyers to find items on sale at local retailers; a key new feature lets users find further savings as they can now coupon-match deals from local store flyers with manufacturer coupons. As part of the new feature, users can now search through a collection of coupons by brand, category or item type.

Globe and Mail personal finance blogger Kerry Taylor has been quite vocal about the fact that the cost of groceries keeps going up and how Canadians can save money on groceries. In recent articles, she has spoken about how flyer coupons can be frustrating since they involve physically searching for, clipping, carrying and then presenting them to a cashier (she admitted she often has several expired coupons in her wallet).

Flipp asked Taylor to try out its newest version; she shared the results of her weekly shopping trip to three stores, during which she bought items such as toilet paper, diapers, detergent, spaghetti, chicken and produce. The result? The app saved her 30% on her groceries (which worked out to roughly $60). “Flipp does the matchup for you—no fuss, no mess,” she said. (That said, users need to print out manufacturer coupons they’ve found using Flipp to give the cashier in-store.)

Flipp offers a relatively straightforward user experience. After downloading the app, Flipp users enter their postal code and are then shown digital versions of flyers from retailers in their own area, including grocery stores, pet stores, department stores and pharmacies.

“What we’re doing to the flyer market is essentially what Craigslist has done to classifieds,” Flipp co-founder and CEO, Wehuns Tan, told Canadian Grocer. “We’re transforming this marketplace that exists in the print world into digital.”

Tan says the tech company goes through nearly 30 million potential coupon matches each week, ultimately narrowing that down to 30,000 matchups that are presented in the app.

By the end of this year, Tan predicts Flipp will have five or six million users in Canada, and roughly 10 million in the U.S.

The app is available to download on the iPhone and iPad, and also on Android devices. Tan says versions for Google’s Chrome platform and Windows will launch in the next few months.

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