How tough are the iHome Weather Tough speakers really?

How tough are the iHome Weather Tough speakers?

Watch us put them to the test. In a hot tub


Wish you could take your music with you everywhere? With the iHome Weather Tough line of speakers, you really can listen to your tunes wherever you go, whether it’s a sandy beach or a dusty construction site. The super-tough iBT9 model is Bluetooth-enabled, shockproof and waterproof and its rubber exterior fends off rain, dust and just about everything else. And the IP67 water-resistant rating means it can spend up to 30 minutes immersed in one metre of water without biting the dust, perfect for accidental (or on purpose) dunks in the pool. The testing team at iHome dropped the speakers in three metres of water, threw them into the ocean and even left them out in a thunderstorm; they escaped unscathed. iHome testing also found they could withstand 26 drops on each side from a height of 48 inches without breaking while the 1.5-lb speakers also act as a powerbank for your devices. So are these speakers tough? We doused them with a bucket of water and dropped them several times on hardwood floors and they still worked. At $130, they’re a sound investment for the gnarliest of parties and worry-free outdoor adventures

iHome Weather Tough speakers: $130

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