The best knapsack you'll ever buy

The best knapsack you’ll ever buy

The Ynot could get you through a lifetime of trekking


A Ynot knapsack could get you through a lifetime’s worth of trekking without ever having to be replaced. Designed and built in Toronto using U.S.- and German-made materials, the Ynot Magnetica features nifty fasteners that snap shut with an easy click, thanks to internal magnets. For $230 to $270 (depending on options) these are pricey knapsacks, but they’re weatherproof—a quality that will pay for itself after just one rainstorm, if it happens to save a tablet or laptop. They also come with a lifetime warranty. There are two fabric options: A waxed canvas is softer to the touch, but Ynot recommends the Cordura 1000D “if this is going to be your all-weather, run-it-to-the-ground bag.” The fabric offers several times the tensile strength and abrasion resistance of plain cotton or nylon, and is used as the outer layer in bulletproof vests. While a Magnetica won’t stop bullets, we had to exert ourselves when trying to stab holes in it with a steel pocket knife. In fact, the company’s own tests have involved trampling bags under cars. If you try this yourself, first remove your electronics. Buy at