The best kitchen scissors

The last pair of scissors you’ll ever need

We set out to find the best kitchen scissors you’ll ever need. After slicing through food, twine and tough packaging, we found a scissor that’s reasonably priced and will last a lifetime


Scisssors1It’s difficult not to sound like one of those cheesy 1980s knife commercials when talking about a pair of William Whiteley kitchen scissors. The micro-serrated blade stays sharp while slicing through food, twine and tough packaging; and while it’s not recommended, we even cut through a tin can with ease. Boasting all-stainless-steel construction and made in Sheffield, England, these elegant shears shouldn’t snap or rust, even in the dishwasher. Besides cutting, they perform the full monty of kitchen duties: A sawtooth finish between the hand loops crushes nuts and garlic, there’s a special tab for prying open tricky can lids, another notch opens bottles, and if you’re cooking broth—the hipster food of this winter, don’t you know?—there’s a notch to steady a chicken bone while you clip through it. The price comes pre-cut for you: At $35 (available through, Whiteley’s wares cost less than most all-steel kitchen scissors. Says company director Sally Ward (née Whiteley), with characteristic Yorkshire common sense: “I don’t see any point in ripping folk off.”