The world's most expensive Christmas crackers

The world’s most expensive Christmas crackers

Forget paper crowns. These crackers come with real jewels


LuxuriousChristmasCrackers1_625_441Luxury website has launched a collection of custom Christmas crackers stuffed with the speciality items, like fine jewellery, as chosen by spend-thrift gift givers. And because super wealthy people tend to be super busy, VeryFirstTo suggests the following “default” gifts:

-Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe: £190,000 (CDN$342,622)

-Breguet Tradition Watch: £19,000 (CDN$34,262)

-Cartier Diamond Necklace: £18,600 (CDN$33,519)

-Graf Von Faber-Castell: £6,500 (CDN$11,721)

-1 Like No Other Trip: £77,500 (CDN$139,761)

-Sunseeker Yacht: £3,700,000 (CDN$6,670,612)

The crackers are available in a range of colours to suit your table décor.