Outrageous hotel requests

You want what?!

No hotel request—even those involving tigers—is ever denied to the rich


Outrageous hotel requests include a pet tiger (Getty Images)


As these outrageous hotel requests demonstrate, a good concierge will always go that extra mile—as long as you’ve got the money!

Going postal: A businessman at the Setai Hotel in Miami, seeking to win the affection of woman he’d just met, had her pet tiger shipped to London so they could continue their courtship there.

Eat me: A couple getting married at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria asked for life-size statues of themselves—made out of chocolate.

Soul searching: Guests at the Stanley Hotel (which inspired The Shining) requested that they dine with ghosts for dinner.

The cover-up: At the Ritz-Carlton Cancún, a guest with an aversion to sand had the beach—wait for it—carpeted.