Why the Yeti cooler is the best you'll ever buy

A cooler that will outlast you

This built-to-last cooler passes the test where it really counts—keeping stuff cold


Go ahead. Drop it from the back of a pickup. Hell, drop it off a cliff. Or maybe slather it in honey and slide it towards a 200-kilogram grizzly. The Yeti cooler can take it. It might be the toughest ice chest on the market. Tougher than you need it to be, until the day you need it to be. Its outer shell is roto-moulded from a single piece of plastic, like a Kayak, rather than glued at the seams. Yeti built it to double as a casting platform for deep-sea fishers, so it’s strong enough for your biggest buddy to jump up and down on the lid without it caving in. Even the handles—usually the first casualty of coolers—are made from military-grade polyester rope. But the real test is whether it keeps stuff cold. It does, thanks to a freezer-quality rubber gasket and tie-down latches, which ensure a tight seal. Even with a double-thick wall of pressure-injected foam, the Tundra 65 (yeticoolers.com) has enough room for 39 cans of beer, 25 kilograms of ice or a small quartered deer. The only problem: It costs $500. Few among us are hardcore enough to justify a grizzly-proof cooler. The rest just make up a story on the ride home.