Weird things you can bet on for Super Bowl 50

The 8 weirdest things you can bet on at Super Bowl 50

What colour shoes will Beyoncé wear?


The Super Bowl is this Sunday and, as with any major sporting event, there are plenty of people betting on the outcome of the game. But that’s not the only aspect of the big night that Vegas oddsmakers are taking wagers on. You can place a bet on everything from the result of the coin toss to what colour shoes Beyoncé will wear at half-time. Here are some of the strangest things you can lose money on during Super Bowl 50. And let’s be clear: The surest bet this Sunday is that many gamblers are going to lose their shirts. (We here at MoneySense would obviously rather you tuck your savings in a low-fee, index-tracking ETF.)

But just for fun, here’s a look at the oddities some gamblers are keeping an eye on when the game starts on Sunday, according to online betting site OddShark.

1. Colour of Gatorade thrown on the winning coach


You might have heard of the famed Super Bowl Gatorade shower. Of course, it has sprouted its own betting circuit over the years. Betting $10 on an orange splash will give you a pay out of $13, while if you bet on purple and you’re right, you’ll make a whole $100.

2. Length of the national anthem


Lady Gaga is taking the stage this year, with fans betting whether she’ll exceed or stay under the 2:20 mark. Either way, a $10 bet will net you $8.33 if you win. Note that the average length of the last 10 national anthem performances has been 1:57.

3. Left Shark comeback


Who doesn’t remember and love Left Shark? The awkward costumed ocean-dweller rocked it beside Katy Perry at last year’s half-time show and people are betting he’ll be back. If you’re right, a $10 bet could yield you $150.

4. Super Bowl and presidential election wins


Ambitious gamblers are pairing the odds of a Carolina/Denver win with who will become the next President of the United States. The odds are in the favour of a Panthers/Hillary Clinton sweep, so if you choose that combination and win, you’ll get $17.50 on your $10 bet. A more unlikely Denver Broncos/Bernie Sanders combination will net you $100.

5. Peyton’s tears


A good chunk of Super Bowl 50 viewers are gunning for the Broncos quarterback to shed a few tears. Moreover, they’re wagering those sobs will be broadcast to the masses. If he does have a bit of cry, you’ll gain a profit of $60 on your $10!

6. Catastrophe


The odds of an earthquake happening during Super Bowl 50 don’t sound particularly good. So if you bet yes and win, your $10 bet yields $100. Except, that’s horrible. Don’t bet on this, come on.

7. Queen Bey’s shoes


Will Beyoncé wear what the world expects her to wear? Will she opt for black, gold/brown, white, silver/grey, or any other colour? Betting a tenner on her footwear being any other colour and being right will yield you a payout of $70.

8. Excessive celebration


You know how referees love putting a damper on too much fun. Will there be a penalty due to excessive celebration? Betting $10 on a yes and being right will give you a pay out of $20.