Collect points to pay down your mortgage

Financial rewards aren’t new, but a credit card from RBC lets you redeem points to pay down debt, such as your mortgage, or contribute to your retirement.



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My husband and I are on the three-year dream vacation plan. The one where you pay for everything using credit cards that collects rewards points and eventually collect enough points to take that vacation. According to a new Ipsos-Reid/RBC poll, we’re not the only ones using points for travel.

According to the poll: six out of 10 premium reward card holders had redeemed points for flights in the past three years; 30% of reward earners opted for merchandise, while under a third (27%) redeemed for gift cards/certificates.

But what’s really interesting is that almost two-thirds (62%) of point collecting Canadians are interested in financial rewards.

Bank-sponsored financial awards from aren’t new. More than a decade ago Bank of Montreal offered points to first-time homebuyers, who could redeem these points when they took out their first mortgage. (Too bad the bank didn’t offer me the best rate when I bought my house — I’d collected close to points equivalent to $1,500!)

Now RBC has come out with a credit card that works a lot like travel reward points, only you can redeem your financial rewards for vouchers to pay down your mortgage, your line of credit, your personal loan or for investment purposes (such as RRSP contributions).

As far as I am aware, only RBC is offering redeemable financial rewards: with a minimum redemption of 12,000 points you get a $100 voucher. (But you’ll need to spend $12,000 to get those 12,000 points).

Still, rather than saving up points for a vacation, you could put your spending habits towards paying off debt or saving for retirement.

8 comments on “Collect points to pay down your mortgage

  1. I've been using my Banque Nationale points to redeem financial rewards for about a year: 11000 points for 100$ reward and 1$ purchase = 1.25points. I put the money into a TFSA but as far as I remember you can use them for RRSP or your mortgage.


  2. Steve: That's great! And certainly glad to hear the National Bank also has a financial rewards program. What's better is that it takes you fewer dollars to collect points. Always a consideration when thinking of what rewards program to join.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. The RBC card is essentially a cash back card, but at less than 1% cash back it's not a very good one. Check out MBNA's Smartcash card instead – 3% back on groceries and gas (5% for the first 6 months) and 1% back on all other purchases. No annual fee either.


  4. I never really understood the points system for the most part. I get 1% cash-back to spend on anything I want with my card and the card doesn't cost me. Anytime I do the math on point cards, I always get less than 1% return. you would think you would get a little extra for not taking cash.
    Like in the above case, you could get your $100 voucher to put towards debt or get $120.00 cash.


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  8. Enjoying vacations through the redemption of points is gud way to use these points as they are the benefits which one has got for using the credit can save these points also for future use but its gud to enjoy the life now .


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