Fight stress caused by money

Here are some suggestions to get your finances back on track.



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“That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” —Henry David Thoreau

Like getting a good night sleep? Yet a lot of people are tossing and turning because they’re worried about the economy and their financial stability.

I was contacted recently by a journalist who asked me, “What about money keeps you up at night?” My response: Not a damn thing. I’ve got a big, fat emergency fund. I’ve got my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed. Not everyone can make the same claim.

According to the Canadian Medical Association’s 2012 National Report on health, a third of Canadians say they feel stressed or overwhelmed as a result of financial concerns. And 22% say they’re actually sleeping less because of that stress.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that people carrying high levels of debt get more headaches, suffer more muscle tension and ulcers and have more heart attacks. It seems the pleasure derived from the lattes, sexy shoes and vacations isn’t enough to offset the physical drain on our bodies as we worry how we’re going to pay for it all.

What to do, what to do? Here are some suggestions to get back to sleeping like a baby:

Tell someone. If you’re overwhelmed, maybe it’s time to tell someone. Whether it’s your best friend or a sibling, fessing up can be the first step to making the changes you need so you can get a good night sleep.

Make a plan. The problems aren’t just going to disappear. You’ve got to put a plan in place. And that plan has to have manageable steps you can actually accomplish. No point in saying, “I’m going to get this $5,000 credit card balance gone by next Tuesday.” Unless you’re planning a bank robbery or patricide, it likely isn’t going to happen. But you can say, “I’m going to find an extra job, earn $200 extra every week, and get that debt gone in six months.” That’s doable.

Stop spending money. Did you know you’re more likely to make bad financial decisions when you’re stressed out? Witness all the stress-shoppers. Then there are the gamblers who think they’re going to fix their messes with a flutter of the cards. Or how about the folks who drink away their sorrow, only to wake up more sorrowful the next day? If you put your money away—limit your access to cash, freeze your credit cards, leave your debt card at home—you’re less likely to do something dumb that’ll make the situation even worse.

While the economy is out of your control, you can still breathe easy—and get a solid night’s sleep—if you’ve take steps to make your personal economy healthy. Or you can keep on tossing and turning. It’s your choice.

5 comments on “Fight stress caused by money

  1. Yes I agree to stop spending money. I have had a wonderful Christmas buying collectables at flea markets as presents. This is an idea of Nate Burkis. Wonderful idea and I feel I'm in touch with the heart of Christmas, simplicity, loving others, sharing warmly with others. It is amazing what simplifying one's gift giving can do.


  2. Stop spending money.It solves all financial proplems.


  3. I can't imagine being in a situation where I can't sleep over finances; but I have been stressed about over other things and had some sleep loss before so I can relate. It is so important to not ignore the financial issues that arise. It's tough to face head on, but you will feel so much better once you get a handle on things and see where you need to go to be successful.


  4. I agree that stress could be minimized if you plan. I knew that my company was going to downsize so I renegotiated my mortgage and lct while I was still employed so that I would be able to manage on EI benefits.


  5. I really agree with Henry David Thoreau. Thanks for posting following suggestions.


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