When should you tap the CPP?

Audio: Malcolm Hamilton on when to begin CPP withdrawals.



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I recently sat down with Mercer principal and retirement expert Malcolm Hamilton to talk about financial independence and how it relates to retirement. Below is the third audio clip from the interview.

While not everyone has an employer pension plan or maximizes contributions to RRSPs or TFSAs, every working Canadian must contribute to the Canada Pension Plan or CPP (or in Quebec, the QPP). In the case of salaried employees, CPP contributions are deducted from paycheques “at source” just like taxes.

Of course, not everyone earns enough to generate maximum CPP benefits in retirement. For those in this situation, it may not make sense to take early reduced benefits as early as 60. Some may even wish to defer receipt of CPP past the traditional retirement age of 65, since benefits will increase each year you defer receipt until age 70.

Q: When should you tap the CPP?

A: Press play to hear Hamilton’s response:

      When-should-you-tap-the-CPP.mp3|titles=When should you tap the CPP?

5 comments on “When should you tap the CPP?

  1. link not working


    • Ho Jon,
      Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Is it the audio? It's in MP3 format. Are you equipped to play that kind of file from your computer?


  2. Is there a text version? Audio requires Flash which is not on iPads.


    • Unfortunately there is no transcript of the conversation. Thanks for reading.


  3. I didn't find this article very useful. The title implies that someone who reads/listens will be better informed about when they should start receiving their CPP, but the article addresses that issue from a CPP funding perspective only. Nothing at all from the actual contributor's perspective.


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