Car insurance costs

What you can do now to save on car insurance costs for next year.



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  • Picking up the phone and calling the right people before you ring in the New Year could cut down your 2013 car insurance costs considerably, explains Frugal Zeitgeist in a recent blog post.
  • Wages in Canada continue their slow, upward climb. Average weekly earnings rose 0.9% in October, Statistics Canada said Thursday.
  • Financial Highway has 5 great financial gifts for kids.

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  1. Hi, exactly where did you get this info can you please support this with some proof or you might say some very good reference as I and others will actually enjoy. This details is actually great and I will say will usually be helpful if we attempt it possibility free. So if you can back it up. That may really support us all. And this may well bring some good repute for you.Regards and wishes. God Speed


  2. Insuring a car is mandatory as long as it is being driven on the road. This measure was undertaken to protect both the drivers and the users of the road. One should go through some insurance expert’s advice to save on car insurance.


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