Canadians get comfortable with long-term debt

Reports suggest most will owe money for the long haul.



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Separate polls out Tuesday suggest Canadians have resigned themselves to the fact that they’ll owe money for the long haul. Only half of homeowners surveyed for Manulife Bank of Canada said they are confident they’ll be debt-free at retirement even though 83% agree it’s important. Meanwhile the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) fall report found 68% of mortgage holders feel their mortgage is “good debt.”

Still, Canadians are taking steps to pay off all kinds of debt. Actual mortgage repayment periods have been 30% shorter than original contracted periods in the last two decades, CAAMP said. And this year, 38% of mortgage-holders took steps to accelerate their repayments and shorten their amortizations.

And though the Manulife study found that only 43% are happy with how they’ve managed their day-to-day finances over the past year (one-in-three are “very unhappy”), it’s not all bad. Two-thirds say they always pay their credit cards in full every month with the rest planning to start in January or at least make larger payments/track spending. The study also found that those who work with a financial advisers are more likely to stick to their debt reduction strategies.

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One comment on “Canadians get comfortable with long-term debt

  1. I’m VERY uncomfortable with my debt level. In fact, I think many who have grown “comfortable” are actually just numb to the crushing reality of it all. To help combat the sheer helplessness of it all, I started a personal blog called and every day for a year (I’m 321 days in), I’ve posted one thing I’ve done to commit my debt to history. Slow going but at least it’s getting me somewhere and offers a place for people like me to share concerns and ideas. In many ways, debt, which is thought to fuel our economy, also has a crushing impact on our economic productivity which is one of the lowest in the G8.


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