Dude, where’d my money go?

Spenz launches a new money-tracker app for Gen-Y



Online only.


Ever had $80 on Friday night, zero in your wallet Monday morning, and no idea where it went? Spenz is aiming to change that.

The Toronto-based start-up is looking to compete with financial aggregator Mint.com, but with two distinct differences. Spenz is targeted at a younger generation, and is designed primarily to help you figure out where your money went.

To that end, it offers a user-friendly app and web site that tracks your spending. Users can touch or click on different categories based on their spending patterns — like coffee or gas — and then enter in the amount they spent.

One cool feature is “You vs. Them” where Spenz will show you how spending compares to other people in your demographic.

A major difference between Spenz and its competitors is that you don’t have to enter any personal or banking information, thereby reducing security concerns.

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  1. Excellent app – by far the best budgeting app on the App Store.


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