February 28 roundup - MoneySense

February 28 roundup

On real estate bloggers gone mad, Couch Potato fans and a new guide to finances.




• movesmartly.com sits down for a Q&A with the author behind FML Listings. The frustrated home buyer turned blogger has made waves in Canadian real estate circles for his opinionated take on Toronto’s real estate market.

•MoneySense’s Dan Bortolotti isn’t the only fan of the Couch Potato strategy for investing. Here the bloggers at Squawkfox.com explain how to build and rebalance the portfolio.

•Boomer & Echo recently compliled this Finances from A to Z guide. Ever heard of the Rule of 72? Divide your interest rate into 72. That’s the approximate number of years that it will take for your investment to double. See? Fun and informative.

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