Half of Asian newcomers feel underemployed: survey

Transition is tough for Chinese, South Asians



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Almost half (49%) of Chinese and South Asian immigrants to Canada feel underemployed, according to a survey.

Environics polled more than 600 Chinese and South Asians who came to Canada a year ago or less and settled in Ontario and British Columbia.

While it found that fewer than one-third of respondents said they were working in their chosen field, the survey also revealed that less than one-quarter (24%) had checked to see if recertification in their field was required in Canada prior to emigrating, while only 42% had researched career options in Canada.

Those dissatisfied with their Canadian careers thus far said they planned to go back to school, start their own business or adjust their career goals.

3 comments on “Half of Asian newcomers feel underemployed: survey

  1. I feel bad for immigrants who are underemployed but I live in a city with a REALLY high number of Chinese, and I have to say, they're probably underemployed due to lack of personality, lack of English skills, and inability to assimilate with Canadian culture.


  2. It''s called racism in the workplace.


  3. It is not racism. it is bad language skills.

    Many Asians that I have interviewed could not go beyond the basic communication skills and since my company was looking for people to deal with advanced ideas – Marketing, Advertising, etc. – in English it was not possible to hire them.

    To those shouting racism look to the IT industry where many Chinese are employed because English language skills are less important.

    I am sick and tired of people shouting racism for any problem anyone who is not white has. Many, many white people are also underemployed and quite capable of doing a more. It is not a race thing. It is an economic issue.

    The fault lies with Immigration Canada allowing people into Canada without adequate screening for language skills. If you are an English speaker and cannot speak Mandarin imagine yourself going to China and claiming it is racism that you do not get a good job.



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