Ontario unveils its plan for wine in grocery stores

Here’s our whine-free guide to purchasing a great bottle under $30



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(Zero Creatives | Getty)

(Zero Creatives | Getty)

Here’s some promising news for wine fans in Ontario: The provincial government is loosening up distributions rules, meaning you can expect to see 70 new privately run wine outlets in supermarkets this year (and that number is expected to more than double in future years).

Better yet, you can expect to see a bit more variety than you might typically expect, as half of these new outlets won’t be restricted to Ontario-only vintages. Just be prepared to spend at least $10.95 per bottle; that’s the minimum price point for any wine sold in Ontario supermarkets, according to Ed Clark, Wynne’s privatization czar.

More choices, of course, means more decisions. So if you’re a budding wine enthusiastic looking for some handy tips on how to distinguish the good stuff from the plonk, check out our guide to choosing a brilliant wine every time.

Picking up a great bottle of wine for less than $30 is easy, provided you know what to look for when you read the label. Salute!




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