Retirement priorities

Canadians are increasingly preoccupied with just surviving financially in their Golden Years and less so about leisure activities.



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MANULIFE FINANCIAL CORPORATION - Investors Increasingly Cautious

  • Manulife Financial recently polled 2,000 Canadians and found investor appetite for stocks is up while appetite for fixed income vehicles is down. Manulife also asked adults about their retirement priorities. Canadians, especially the younger ones, are increasingly preoccupied with just surviving financially in their Golden Years and less so about travel and other leisure activities. Being able to charity was the least of their concern. Click to enlarge this snapshot of the findings:
  • More and more boomers may be retiring with debt, but you can retire completely debt-free, as long as you’re prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, according to our pals over at Canadian Business. Here are 5 things you should do now that can only help your chances.

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  1. MANULIFE ??? Great expertise here! I transferred my defined benefit pension to them 12 years ago, and I've been losing ever since. I am 70 years of age, and each year I seem to be losing ground. I have not heard from my broker since a year and a half. I receive my statement every 6 months, and I am so disgusted each statement. Oh, and this is July 23: I have not gotten my statement for the first half of this year. I shudder to think what my locked in investments will bring to me.


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