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From craft supplies to baking tins, dollar stores charge you a fraction of the cost of full retail.



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I love my local dollar store. If I need a gift bag, tissue paper, beach toys, or a million other things I don’t want to spend lotsnlotsa money on, I head there to see if they have something to my liking.

What you can find depends on where you live and your dollar store’s inventory. Some carry clothes and shoes. Some carry live plants (in season). And if you’re looking for disposable stuff like plates, bowls and plastic cutlery for a birthday party or shower, the dollar store is the fist place to go.

Part of the appeal of the dollar store experience is their simple pricing. If you know there’s nothing more expensive than a couple of bucks, you don’t have to worry about stuff like price-watching. Dollarama knows this. This once-small Quebec-based chain has become a billion-dollar empire … one dollar at a time.

Dollar Giant is another biggie brand dollar store in Canada, along with Buck or Two and Everything for a Dollar. And now U.S. Dollar Tree stores are coming to Canada, having just acquired Dollar Giant, so we can expect to see the dollar store experience improve as these niche retailers fight for your dollars.

If you think that because a product is in a dollar store there must be something wrong with it, give your head a shake. Product isn’t old or stale or sub-standard. They wouldn’t sell many boxes of candy or cookies if consumers were unhappy when they got home, would they? Dollar store buyers work hard to get the best deals and sometimes they nab some pretty amazing stuff.

Dollar stores are the perfect place to “build your own basket” if you’re creating a hostess gift or stuffing a stocking. Keep your eyes open and you can stock your gift closet with the small extras that nobody would ever think had come from a dollar store.

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  1. I totally agree!


  2. You still need to show the discipline to buy what you need, not what you want. I've found many good deals in dollar stores, yet it has to be acknowledged that many of the food choices are packaged, in a narrow selection range, and probably less healthy than you could do with fresh ingredients.

    The store is often also littered with cheap kitchen wares (not likely to last as long), cheap toys, and lots of other stuff.

    My best finds have always been the things you can really use that are the same quality as more expensive stores, the papergoods for gifts, napkins, parties, and notetaking that you need no matter what.

    When in the USA I make it a point to shop at stores such as Big Lots where they buy out bankruptcies or stock clearances and you can get some very good things deeply discounted.


  3. As with any purchase it is buyer beware. If you know your prices and you buy what you need , real bargains can be found.

    Why pay six or seven dollars for something you can find for one or two dollars at the dollar store. Dollar stores are a good way to stretch your budget.


  4. Dollar stores are full of stuff we don't really need and tend to buy just cause it's cheap. The overwhelming majority of dollar store inventory has been made in China usually from a petroleum by-product and therefore I am very hesitant to purchase items in those stores for those reasons.


    • Even shopping in Walmart or most other major department stores yield an experience where it's next to impossible to find things not made in China. Personally, I shop in dollar stores regularly, but I only buy things I actually need, not just because its cheap. For instance, buying a single can or bottle of pop/soda, the dollar store is cheapest. I buy my bread there every week. Fresh whole wheat bread at $1 where the no name cheap stuff is typically 1.99 or so everywhere else. Also lower calorie than all other bread. Just like anything else, don't buy things you don't need.


  5. I shop alot at Dollarama/ $$ stores simply because as a Sr. on limited income, I can find some 'real deals' to make up baskets for showers; kids birthdays etc. that would cost twice as much @ Walmart or similar discount stores! My Biggest problem is that when I'm shopping, I see things I need but never planned on buying & end up taking home a lot of items I didn't have on my list!! I seldom buy packaged/canned food because I'm not sure how long it's been on shelf + I prefer fresh veggies etc. P.S…show me a store where the majority of the stock is NOT made in China; Tiwan WHEREVER!!


  6. absolutely right Gail re: the hostess gits and holiday stuff. each year I make four easter baskets for my friends' daughters – I get all four done for less than $20 and that includes the baskets, tissue paper, easter grass, stuffed animals and chocos. my basic stationary supplies, cleaning goods, simple kitchen ware like foil, sandwich bags and even during this bad recession, my shampoo and soaps and lotions all dollar store buys. also many of these stores are family-run franchises – good to spread the money around your community.


  7. I buy all my cleaning supplies at the dollar stores. Even paper towels, fabric softer & detergent. I also buy my batteries there. I save so much doing that.

    I would not buy food at the dollar store beyond a bag of chips, candy or a chocolate bar though. I have been known to buy my gum there exclusively, however.


    • I agree about buying food at dolar store,wasnt their a story done up about these type of stores about the amount of lead in toys,also where is this food coming from.I use to shop their alot till I read that story on where most of it comes from.


  8. There are a lot of times we shop at our local dollar store. You can get good discounts on many household items and some groceries. It's a great way to stretch a dollar!


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