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CashFlow Insite is another website that helps you track where your money is going



Online only.


Were you spooked by all the legal hoopla surrounding earlier this year? Are you looking for another way to track how you’re using your money? If you didn’t hear the details it goes something like this:

Since your agreements with bank and credit card companies prohibit you from sharing your financial information with ANYONE, if you put your passwords into and you’re subsequently a victim of fraud, you’re screwed. The fact that you willingly shared your passwords means you won’t have a leg to stand on.

Enter No, it isn’t free. It’ll cost you $45 a month, but there’s no worry about legally opening yourself up to fraud exposure either. (Small price, I’d say.) Instead of giving the service your user name and password, you must log into your bank and download your transactions. From there the site employs artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and suggest assignment to appropriate cash flow categories. Since the system learns and adapts to your input, putting in your information gets easier and easier so you have to spend less time on upkeep.

If you’ve been struggling to find the money to up your savings, this system might be just the ticket for analyzing where your money is going and finding the holes to plug your cash flow. Hey, it happens to the best of us: dinners out once every couple of weeks turn into weekly affairs; the odd shopping expedition turns into a new sumthin’ sumthin’ for every social occasion; the kids keep tapping our wallets and in no time the money we would have saved has gone into their pockets.

Plugging your numbers in to see where the money is really going often brings huge ah-ha moments. Over and over after I’ve done a spending analysis I’ve heard, “I had no idea!” Here’s a way to see exactly where your money’s going, so you can find what you need to save.

3 comments on “Track your spending online

  1. $45 A MONTH! NO WAY. I would think Gail would stand behind something a little more frugal. Pen/paper, excel, MS Money….not something like this.


  2. Is it $45/month or is it per year? Seems to be $7.99/month x 12 months = $95.88 / year unless I'm missing something….


  3. Before you sign up read over their website. They also build partnerships with financial advisors. I would ensure that your contact info is not provided in anyway to these partners. Plus having worked with MS Money and Quicken for many years, and anyone else who has, and have found both products also get to know your transactions and will start to auto complete them in terms of category, payee etc. Both products will also give you great basic chart and budget options and can be purchased quite cheaply and your data is kept on your computer.

    I dont know this new software so Im not going to knock it. My only suggestion is to read their website CAREFULLY and ask questions. Also consider cheaper personal financial software which could do everything you need and want.


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