Best Travel Rewards Cards of 2013

Which card will get you to your dream destination fastest? Intense competition in this category means there are great options for travellers. These are the best travel cards, determined by factoring in sign-up bonuses and fees over a five-year period.

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5 comments on “Best Travel Rewards Cards of 2013

  1. “Which card will get you to your dream destination fastest? ” Erm… the Westjet Mastercard will only do this if your dream destination is somewhere within North America or the Caribean, since you can only redeem the dollars for flights within the Westjet network. If your dream destination is further afield, you’d probably be better with a card that you can redeem rewards for flights anywhere in the world…


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  3. For future criteria, I’d like to see mention of which cards offer the best intl transaction rate for people who use their cards while abroad. Those hidden costs really add up!


  4. Its interesting to compare all the trivial the top cards in each category gives you, but if you are like me, a normal (I hope) person who works their tail off for a paycheque – wouldnt it be nice to see the cash value (yeah, the hard earned after tax kind) a card earns. I would like to see the cards rated by biggest bang for the buck.

    I have tried many cards, rewards, Aeroplan, Airmiles, etc. and each of them comes with a catch. For aeroplan, the taxes on a rewards ticket will probably make you get a new mortgage, the other rewards cards really make you buy a lot of crap on the card to get pretty measly rewards (yes, I am Canadian sadly) .

    If any of you find a site that ranks our Canadian cards ranked by value, please post here.



  5. This is misleading. You say the RBC WestJet card is #1, but only at the $1000 monthly spending level. It looks like The Amex Gold is better at the $4000 monthly spending.


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