Best place to live: Ottawa-Gatineau

Welcome! Bienvenue! Ten reasons that make this city the best.

39 comments on “Best place to live: Ottawa-Gatineau

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  2. Interesting

    • I feel if Loydminster is so bad for you why do you stay there?

  3. Ottawa-Gatineau is not a city in Canada. Ottawa is a city in the Province of Ontario, Gatineau in Quebec. Unless MoneySense is rewriting geography and the Canadian map, this article misrepresents Canada therefore making Victoria the number one city in Canada to live in. Editorial license is not a justification for this type of reporting.

    • agreed. :)

    • Victoria, BC; Victoria, MB; Victoria, NB; Victoria, NL; Victoria, PEI; Victoria, NS … indeed, Victoria is the best :)

      • You mean Queen Victoria is the best, as she is who all those cities are named after.

  4. Oh Man do I agree with you Paul!! Vancouver is not as it used to be and it is not the best city to live in anymore!! Love your comment! Thank you!

  5. Actually it's pretty valid. Of course, geographically speaking they are two different cities but culturally are almost one of the same nowadays. A lot of residents in Gatineau (Hull,Aylmer, Gatineau) actually work in Ottawa. I was born in Ottawa and moved to Gatineau 5 years ago and haven't noticed much difference at all. Sure more people speak french, but a lot of people are bilingual anyways, including I.

    • thats a just verbal diarrhea… ONTARIO AND QUEBEC ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! FRENCH AND ENGLISH ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! And as for the bilingual shit… It is pretty much unjustly mandatory to know both, when people know only english or only french are just as cappable as others. THATS SHIT SHIT SHIT you speak sir.

  6. I just want to know why you group Ottawa with Gatineau together when they are in 2 separate provinces? Just a reminder, Ottawa is found in the province of Ontario and Gatineau is found in the province of Quebec. Please do not group them together. Thank you.

    • What about Gorizia and Nova Gorica? They are two separate cities, one in Italy and one in Slovenia, but they both grew into a conurbation. They grew so large and eventually became apart of each other.

      Ottawa-Gatineau is what we're often called because we are basically right up against one another and share pretty much everything!

  7. As the National Capital, Ottawa should have all the museums and cultural events that it does. However, they should be discounted as part of Ottawa the city because, as part of the National Capital Region, they are funded by , and consequently part of the entire country, not just Ottawa. But since they are there, I guess they make life in Ottawa better for the locals.
    I too enjoyed living in Ottawa for a number of years but now you couldn't drag me away from my hideaway in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, outrageous ferry rates and all! Unlike Betty, I found the lumpy bumpy Rideau Canal overrated for skating , but the Beavertails were great!

  8. Victoria is a grody little hillbilly hole,no arts,culture,NOTHING!Ottawa is filled with museums,ther'es so much to see and do,whereas Victoria and pretty much all of western canada is a cultural wasteland….just a bunch of granola-munching vegans with bad taste in clothing(really,these trogs go to the store in their sweatpants and pj's)….Ottawa by far is the best!

  9. Vancouver is the inbred capital of Canada….they have guys in surrey that are their own father for crying out loud.Oh yeah,not to mention,the 3rd annual Vancouver film fest,with richard dean anderson,meatloaf,fonzie and every other has-been on the planet.aahhh vancouver,the city that tries way too hard and fails miserably everytime….enjoy your studio apartment

  10. Of course Ottawa is number one and best of all…that's where the head asshole works and resides. Not hard to figure out why

  11. Wow Paul,

    You're not afraid to say it like it is. As a university student, I travelled to Vancouver in 1992 and was enthralled
    by its natural beauty but… Almost 20 years later and all your points have come to fruition. Paul, who do you
    think is mostly to blame for unprecendented growth rate, without integration and planning?

  12. toronto! YESSSSSSSSSSS.the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.,

  13. The canal is great – when it is cold enough to freeze – when I visited Ottawa approx. 6-7 years ago, we tried to skate on the canal, but it was too cold for our attire and our feet were frozen in no time. I do agree with the comments from Victoria, B.C., and Calgary, Alta. that it is a beautiful city, especially if you are a walker or cyclist.

  14. As far as I'm concerned, I would never want to live in any city, only close by. I find crowded places annoying and can't wait to get out of the city to enjoy the beauty of nature.

  15. Little wonder there's such a division in this country, there is always comparison, who cares, it's a beautiful country, why do the comparisons always have to be how much better the east is? You obviously haven't been away from home, if don't see the 'AWESOME' beauty of the rockies in Alberta/B.C., I would have to say if you want to line your pockets with gold, you'd also want to be in the west, hands down!!

  16. hey ernist Read a book will yu, both places are in Canada duh!!!!!! they are neighbours

  17. Ottawa-Gatineau is the worst place to live in Canada!!! I HATE HERE! I HATE HERE! I HATE HERE! I SO CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE HERE.

    • How do you really feel? Pretty extreme! Ottawa is a great city, not too big, rush hour traffic is manageable, close to many ski hills, the best snow removal crew in the world, surrounded by a beautiful rural area and is smack dab in the middle of all 13 awesome provinces and territories. Canada Rocks!

  18. You're absolutely right. I live in Ottawa and I'm sure. Ottawa and Gatineau (formerly hull) are two different city in two
    different provinces, divided by the OTTAWA RIVER! It's almost insulting to so lousily clump there two different places
    together. :)

  19. I thought Ottawa's neighbour city was HULL?
    And who will speak for Kanata?!?

  20. @Betty, I dont know how much time you spent in Victoria that you became familiar with bike paths there, but they are outstanding in Victoria. Weather? Victoria has HALF the precipitation of Ottawa from April to September, then while Ottawa shovels during winter , WE have SOME rain (unlike Vancouver), cloudy days and an opportunity all winter long to work on our approach shots as the flowers bloom again in January

  21. Vancouver, yes, but ONLY IF YOU ALWAYS DREAMT OF IMMIGRATING TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!
    As for having OUR CANADIAN KIDS FEEL LIKE STRANGERS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY/PLACE OF BIRTH, forget it! Some adults don't like it, so why do we impose this ANGRY greay culture to our little ones, who find themselves as a handful among thousands of foreigners of the same sort. Where is that MELTING POT WHERE EVERY KID COULD FELL PART OF AND VERY COMFORTABLE?
    Parents try to MOVE AWAY, but these days, you wonder if GATINEAU QUEBEC would be far enough, where the mix would be MORE CANADIAN-LIKE.
    The nasty atmosphere that an oppressed people arriving here after decades in their environment is bringing to our nation with only 33 million is very… oppressing. Not much of a smile and as for the conversation, forget it, unless you really want to spend 20 years learning 30,000 characters, and that does not include the intonation!!!!
    No, thank you. I am Canadian and GLAD TO BE AMONG MANY, still for a while.
    The biggest problem there is that it can make anyone, usually a citizen of the world, feel like a racist. Governments are elected to KEEP CANADA CANADIAN and Canadians protected from … 'foreign bad influence'!

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    • If you can do without the sun , are in love with the rain or drizzle and can close your eyes on the borded up shops,the vagrants and the drugs ,,, by all means , it's all yours .

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  25. One metropolitan area (The National Capital Region)

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