Best Places to Live 2010

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MoneySense’s Best Places to Live is based on data compiled from 179 Canadian cities and towns with populations over 10,000 people. We rated cities based on climate, prosperity, access to healthcare, home affordability, crime rates and lifestyle with subcategories in each area. Being the best in one category does not improve a city’s chances — a city has to score well in all categories to come out on top. Our top city, Ottawa, captured 73.5 out of a possible 105 points. Check out how your own community rated and why.

Top 25 Best Places to Live Map

Top 25 Best Places to Live Map

Canada’s 25 top places to live are located across our country from Yellowknife in the north to Windsor on the southern U.S. border, and from Victoria to St. John’s. Navigate across the country and view these great cities. Click open each location and see the city’s rating in different categories and why it is a great place to settle.

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