Canada’s Best Places to Live 2011

Which cities have the best weather? The lowest crime rates? The highest incomes? Canada’s most trusted ranking has the answers.



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In a country as large and diverse as Canada, it’s only natural for comparisons to be drawn between cities. Which is more livable, Edmonton or Halifax? Is Vancouver better than Calgary for raising a family? Which city is best for retirees?

This is what drives us at MoneySense magazine to publish our Canada’s Best Places to Live list. We look at empirical, objective criteria such as housing affordability, incomes, job prospects, crime rates and access to health care. Even weather is taken into account. Information is taken from the Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration and Statistics Canada.

We include every community with a population of more than 10,000 people — 180 cities and towns in all. Each one is ranked in more than 20 different categories for a final figure out of a possible 105 points. The scores are close (we go to four decimal places) and no city is perfect. Only two scored higher than 70, and just barely.

We don’t expect everyone to agree with our findings. What makes a city appealing for one person may make it unlivable for another. We’re often asked, “what about the scenery, or the community spirit?” The fact is there are plenty of subjective, intangible criteria that we intentionally leave out of our formulas for the simple reason that they cannot possibly be measured. Our list simply provides a fact-based comparison from which people can make their own decisions on where people would like to live.
Here are the top ten:

#10: Winnipeg, MB
The capital of Manitoba and home to 60% of the province’s population slipped one spot from last year. It can boast of low pollution, great public transit and a thriving cultural scene, but crime is above average and the winters can be brutal. However, access to health care is good and unemployment is low.

#9: Repentigny, QC
Celine Dion’s hometown just outside of Montreal slipped three spots from last year. On the plus side, low real estate prices and even lower crime rates make Repentigny an attractive place to live. The city ranks 7th in new cars on the road (a measure of prosperity) and has an extensive transit system — a good thing considering it ranks 161st in the ability to walk or bike to work.  However, this is balanced out by easy access to health care.

#8: Edmonton, AB
Alberta’s capital cracks the top ten this year, jumping 7 spots thanks to low taxes, high levels of discretionary income and an extensive public transit system. With temperatures sinking lower than 0 degrees C 178 days a year, weather may pose a problem for some. Higher than average housing prices and crime rates also hold the city back from a better score, but scant precipitation, low pollution levels and high household incomes from the recent oil boom balance this out to make Edmonton a great place to live.

#7: Brandon, MB
Manitoba’s second largest city kept its spot this year thanks to a stellar unemployment rate (second only to Estevan, SK), low real estate prices and tax rates and clean air. The city has room to improve in terms of crime and household discretionary income, but this is made up by the low number of rainy days and plenty of access to health care.

#6: Fredericton, NB
The New Brunswick capital has a lot going for it, including the 2nd lowest time required to buy a home (after Timmins, ON), very reasonable real estate prices and low unemployment. While the city is suffers from above-average crime rates and cold, rainy weather, this is balanced out by low taxes and healthy household income levels.

#5: St. Albert, AB
This Edmonton suburb gets top marks for low taxes and high household and discretionary income. Throw in low unemployment, a steadily growing population and above-average access to doctors and health care professionals and you’ve got a very nice place to live. However, St. Albert has room to improve regarding house prices (154th), and you can forget about walking or biking to work (163rd).

#4: Kingston, ON
The former capital of the united Canadas has slipped two places from last year, but only by one point. Kingston ranks 12th for walking or biking to work, and is above average in almost all criteria save for pollution (116th) and the number of new cars on the road (107th). Kingstonians have some of the best access to healthcare in the country, ranking 2nd in doctors per 1000 people and 13th in the percentage of health professionals.

#3.  Burlington, ON
This southern Ontario suburb remains in third spot this year thanks mainly to low taxes and high household and discretionary income. It has room to improve in terms of real estate prices (ranked 157th) but that’s the price to pay for the second lowest overall crime rate in the country after Caledon, ON.

#2: Victoria, B.C.
The temperate B.C. capital has jumped six spots from last year, thanks to low provincial income and sales taxes, low pollution and a steady job market. Plus, it ranks 5th overall for Victorians’ ability to walk or bike to work. While Victoria suffers from high real estate prices (it came in 170th out of 180), it cracked the top ten list for both culture and number of days per year above 0 degrees.

And the winner is …
For the second year in a row, Ottawa-Gatineau takes the top spot in our rankings. What does it have that other cities don’t? In a word, consistency. It does not rank particularly high in any individual category but it comes in above average across the board. It has jobs, accessible doctors, low crime, and household incomes and real estate are not drastically misaligned. There is a wealth of museums and galleries keep the culture-lover occupied, and the hostile winters are balanced out by beautiful summers.

Enjoy our complete list, maps, and related stories, and let us know how you feel about our methodology.

105 comments on “Canada’s Best Places to Live 2011

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  3. Perhaps you should clarify if it is Ottawa you’re touting, or the Ottawa-Gatineau region. You say “Ottawa-Gatineau”, but that is not a city – it is TWO CITIES, with one being Ottawa, Ontario, and the other being Gatineau, Quebec. In fact, Ottawa-Gatineau is a Census Metropolitan Area, that’s the only geographical distinction that actually exists.

    So, what, only Ottawa? If so, say it, but then don’t consider everything on the QC side in your factoring, because if you do, you’re using the investments of another city/province to bolster Ottawa ON alone, despite indicating “Ottawa-Gatineau”.

    • I like the way you think and agree with you 100percent. Repentigny really? there is so many great place to live in quebec where you can raise a familly, culture, low crime , I just don't buy it Kingston Ontario and Burlington Ontario, this is a joke

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  7. This is a great writeup, adding now to my bookmarks!

  8. Having lived in many of the western cities in the survey it doesn't seem to truely reflect. All the cities in B.C. are too expensive for the average person (can't enjoy what is available) to live. Both Calgary and Edmonton have inflated house prices and high food costs, but possible to find better income employment (but don't work outside). As for Winnipeg it has low prices and jobs because few people wish to live there (cold, crime, no culture). Some cities in my opinion that should have been on the list Saskatoon, Vernon, Kamloops and Red Deer.

  9. Gogle St. Albert/habitat for humanity.

  10. Winnipeg might not be the most glamorous city and it certainly has its problems. Yes, we have to fight harsh winters, a high crime rate, and mosquitoes but we also have a low unemployment rate, affordable housing and transit as well as several educational institutions. And the best part:: one can go out and enjoy dozens of theatre and comedy shows, festivals, sports, concerts etc for a fraction of what it costs in other cities.

  11. I believe that Gatineau should be dissociated with Ottawa. I have lived here for almost 12 years and believe that while the town may look nice to the eye, there are some severe underlying issues. First, many of the Francophones who live here can't speak or write their own language well enough to be understood anywhere except amongst themselves. Not bad for a people who consistently vote in a Bloc Québécois deputy who is for creating a seperate nation. Also not bad for a people who want the rest of the world to respect their linguistic rights.

    Second, there is an attitude of me first, regardless of the rules. This can be seen on the road everyday as people disrespect the most obvious of rules. I am not talking about speeding – we all speed. I am talking about blocking traffic because of disrespect for no parking signs, going through red lights, going past stopped school busses with their lights flashing, speeding through parking lots, and much more.

    If you believe you are never wrong, whatever happens is somebody else's fault, and have little to no respect for authority, Gatineau is definately the place for you.


  13. '"Ugh. Living in Burlington is what made me move out of the house at 18 and flee to Toronto"
    thank you JR

    • that's because your priorities are all messed up….with Toronto 30 mins away why bother living there unless you perhaps work there. Burlington void of economic and social diversity? Time to go back and visit.


  15. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  16. How about Salmon Arm BC? Gorgeous Shuswap lake, lots of winter activities and so much growth. Probably one of the most beautiful areas in all of Canada.

  17. Vancouver ranks #1 in The Economist's best cities IN THE WORLD to live in. If you don't believe me, go here: <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

    Vancouver also ranks near the top or at the top every year in the Mercer Consulting most liveable cities IN THE WORLD survey. But, according to Moneysense magazine, the most liveable city in the world is not among the top 25 most liveable cities in Canada!!!! Beaten out by Lethbridge, Winnipeg, Regina and Brandon.

    Are the editors of Moneysense insane or merely grossly incompetent? This calls into question the reliability of every single word in the magazine. I will be cancelling my subscription. (I live in Toronto.)

    • Thank you, Toronto. Now Ican't make fun of the Leafs. Appreciate your significant international point regarding Vancouver (seems to me Toronto and Calgary are also in the Observer's 'top 10 most liveable cities of the world'). One item worth looking at is the MoneySense 'weather' category. Oakville, Ont. ranks #1 (?) for weather and Victoria (where I was born) is rated #4. I presume MoneySense collected their climate data from Farmer's Almanac or perhaps Aunt Emma's December visit to the west coast. Victoria has identical weather as Vancouver (a two hour ferry ride from the mainland). Both have the least summer rain in Canada and little humidity. Perhaps Tourism Vancouver should bring these rubes to our most liveable 'burg before their 2012 rankings. Good entertainment.

  18. Andy, i agree. Just came from visiting Edmonton and i was shocked at the state of the roads. First time visiting Canada and that's my first impression…. not pleasing

  19. Personally, I love Burlington. Yes, it may lack in social places and such but it is nicely located between Hamilton and Toronto, both of which have places to get out to. The housing cost is much lower than that of Toronto/Mississauga and much more affordable. With the GO system that takes you right into Toronto it is very convenient. I'd much rather be able to see Toronto without having to live in Toronto. I lived in Burlington from the time I was in grade 8 until shortly after getting married. I'd move back if I was able to.

  20. Yes, I thought that was an uniformed comment. They couldn't really have done a proper survey it they think St. Albert's taxes are low.

  21. winnipeg is the 10th best place to live in canada, doesn't say much for the rest of the country. i live in a small town 100 hundred miles southwest of wpg . all you have to do is watch the news on any given day and be glad you don't live there! i lived there for 10 years and would not live there ever again for anything!!!

  22. Did Kenora seriously get ranked last in culture, for the second year in a row!?! There's literally something cultural happening every day. Almost all of our restaurants are cultural, and we have a huge, diverse group of minorities. MoneySense writers need to get their heads out into the world, and out of each other.

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  24. I'm pretty sure that Quesnel has had BOTH a college and university for the last 4 years. Seeing as I have attended it that long.

  25. Bang on!! Lived there 35 years and the only two things it had going for it were the river valley system and the ability to make a good living $$$. Other than that I second what you said. KC

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  28. And Montreal? The aparment fees are very pricable (for a 4.1/2 in a very nice area,which is still close to downtown by bus,by train,or by car- they're asking 700$ what includes hot water,parking spot). There is no tax on the basic necissities like bread,milk,fruits,vegetables,meat,etc. ,not too much crime.
    Public transportation is ok especially if u live in downtown-the bus comes every 5 mins.

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  30. Wind turbines do not cause health effects. Please look at evidence from Europe where they are an everyday feature of the urban landscape, and stop listening to anti-wind propaganda.

    Also, this list serves to illustrate why using an "ojective" system to rank cities fails, as it undervalues the quality of the day to day experiences.

    • Spoken like someone who isn't facing a huge 626-foot noisy structure within 550 meters of your house. Spoken like someone who doesn't know people who have been displaced from their homes by the noise. Spoken like someone who doesn't know a mother on Wolfe Island whose children get nosebleeds from the vibration from the wind turbines when they play outside.
      Europe? Yes, YOU look at the evidence. Go to but in Europe they didn't "shoehorn" turines in among people's homes the way Ontario is doing.

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  45. Good to know that dear, but what about employment rate, housing and disposable income?


  46. Toronto… that is the place that i believe they missed to mark on Top Canada's towns' assessment sheet. By the way how is TORONTO in terms of employment, taxes, housing and crime rate?

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  87. Hello all, my friend and I (two English girls) are coming to Canada for a year soon to work and we're a bit at a loss of where to start. I can teach and my friend works in the service industry.We want somewhere very picturesque, maybe with mountains, lakes, some wildlife or national parks nearby, but a big enough population to be able to get jobs. We aren't put off by the cold! We were thinking Brandon or Vancouver? Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thank you very much.

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  91. Hey what are your comments for Calgary? Just wondering.

  92. um i think guelph,On is the best place to live

  93. Ummmm how about no. Clean up George Street and then maybe, but when your streets are littered with crackheads and prostitutes then you still have a long way to go.

  94. Tom, obviously you have never been to Winnipeg in the summer time, we have sunny skys, and NO mosquitoes. We spray for them, unlike Edmonton and Calgary who certainly have more, and I know because I have been to both during the summer. I live in Winnipeg and we don't have a problem with mosquitoes, because we do something about them. I can just imagine where you live. I lived all over Canada and there is no other city as great as Summerpeg!

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