5 Black Friday deals that are better in Canada

The lousy exchange rate is working in our favour this year



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In past years, a great many Canadians have flocked to nearby American cities to take advantage of massive Black Friday markdowns, braving long border line-ups and jam-packed parking lots in order to get an early jump on their holiday shopping. This year, most Canadians have realized the now lousy exchange rate is putting a damper on any potential savings.

Luckily, the low-flying loonie means this year’s homegrown Black Friday deals—traditionally tepid compared to the outrageous door-busters that have caused stampedes at U.S. retailers— could be the best we’ve ever seen, with many sale prices being the equivalent to or cheaper in Canada than in the States. There’s even evidence that the flow of cross-border traffic may go the other way this weekend.

Only 13% of Canadians have said they’re likely to head south to shop this year, down from 20% in 2014, according to a new study from UPS. And those who said they plan to buy their TVs, refrigerators and other miscellaneous goods from U.S. retailers expect to save an average of $168, much less than the $249 expectation last year.

But despite steeper percentage discounts in the States, Canadian sales are actually pretty great for shoppers in the country this year. And even if U.S. prices can save you $10 or $20 here and there, once you factor in the cost of fuel, hotels (key to maximizing your duty-free spending limits), the time saved and the trampling avoided, Black Friday starts to look quite sunny in Canada this year.

Don’t believe us? Here are five examples of Black Friday deals that are better in Canada.

1. Samsung 40″ Smart TV from Best Buy


(Courtesy of BestBuy.ca)

U.S. Black Friday price: US$369.99, reduced 22% from USD$479.99

After exchange: $492.57

Canadian Black Friday price: $399.99, reduced 15% from $473.99

Despite a bigger slash in the States, this TV is $97.71 cheaper in Canada.


2. Play Station 4 bundle package from Wal-Mart


(Courtesy of Walmart.ca)

U.S. Black Friday price: USD$299.00, reduced 14% from USD$349.00

After exchange: $397.36

Canadian Black Friday price: $369.96, reduced  14% from $429.96

This PS4 bundle is $27.40 cheaper in Canada.


3. Samsung Galaxy Tab from Best Buy

(Courtesy of BestBuy.ca)

U.S. Black Friday price: US$179.99, reduced 22% from US$229.99

After exchange: $239.62

Canadian Black Friday price: $199.99, reduced 20% from $249.99

Despite a slightly steeper discount stateside, this Samsung Galaxy Tab is $39.63 cheaper in Canada. 


 4. Samsung French Door refrigerator from Sears

(Courtesy of Sears.ca)

U.S. Black Friday price: US$1,799.99, reduced 45% from USD$3,299.99

After exchange: $2,396.33

Canadian Black Friday price: $1,897.91, down 40% from $3,099.99
Once again, the exchange rate trumps a deeper price-cut in the States. This Samsung fridge is $498.42 cheaper in Canada.


5. Lenovo Thinkpad from Tiger Direct


(Courtesy of TigerDirect.ca)

U.S. Black Friday price: US$479.99, reduced 44% from US$849.99

After exchange: $637.72

Canadian Black Friday price: $590.99, after a $70.00 rebate

Even online-only retailers are offering deals and great prices in Canada. This Lenovo Thinkpad is $46.73 cheaper in Canada.


7 comments on “5 Black Friday deals that are better in Canada

  1. Once you add in the taxes and environmental fees in Canada it becomes cheaper in the us.


    • New York State has a sales tax rate of 8.875% plus CRA will likely get your HST if you declare it at the border.


  2. Except you left out sales tax and e-waste charge.


  3. Article doesn’t discuss massive consumer tax of about 15% in Canada. This makes most american deal more profitable in the US then Canada because of the tax exempt (800$) we get for staying 48 hours or more in the US. US owned retailers dealing in Canada are nor making prices cheaper here. Sorry, search your content better next time.


    • Don’t forget to add your 2 nights of hotel stay to get your exemption!


  4. how can i purchase this laptop?


    • Hi Muhammad,
      To buy the laptop simply click on the title LINK for #5 above: 5. Lenovo Thinkpad from Tiger Direct. It takes you to the Sale site at Tiger Direct.

      Regards, Rick


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