Best before: Can I still eat this?

Some foods are safe to eat long past their expiry dates. Find out which to toss and which to save.


One comment on “Best before: Can I still eat this?

  1. My daughter and I went into a liquidation store in Langley, BC in April this year, called MTF. We had been to other stores in Surrey in the past and they often had good deals at reasonable prices, like children’s books and toys, pens, pencils, knick-knacks, some furniture, tea, coffee and even canned goods. The MTF we went to in Langley is a relatively new store and we stopped in to see what bargains we could find. Not a single thing was worth its requested price. There was chocolate from Christmas 2012, not even 2013 and it was not even marked down to a price that would be reasonable. There were food items, such as Uncle Ben’s Rice that had a Best Before a date 2 months earlier and it still cost the same as if I went to a local supermarket and bought one that wasn’t outdated. We mentioned it at the Cash Register and she told us they can sell it up to 6 months past the expiry or best before date before having to take it off the shelves. What? Toys, books, clothing, garden items, all had prices that were outrageous for a discount store. Some still had the price tags from the retailer that they got them from (one was Costco) and the price wasn’t a bargain from the original price. I would buy at a Dollar Store before ever buying from this liquidator again!


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