Canadian mobile phone bills among highest in G7 nations

They shell out an average $41.08 for 150 minutes



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TORONTO – A CRTC report says Canadians pay some of the highest prices for mobile phones compared to those living in the other G7 nations and Australia.

Canadians paid the most for entry-level wireless service of 150 minutes, shelling out an average of $41.08, according to the study. Nordicity prepared the report, which surveyed several service providers in six Canadian cities as well as some in the other nations.

In Germany, where entry-level service is the least expensive, people pay $17.15 on average, according to the report.

Canadian services claimed the second- or third-highest price for the five other higher-service options studied, like unlimited talk and text with five GB of data.

The report found Canadians’ wallets received a reprieve when paying for land lines. Canadians were among those paying the least for fixed home phones.

But Canadians found themselves among those paying the most for fixed and mobile Internet.

This is the ninth year the CRTC has commissioned the study to compare Canadian prices with those of the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Japan, Germany and Italy.

4 comments on “Canadian mobile phone bills among highest in G7 nations

  1. The shareholders of Rogers, Bell, and Telus demand these high rates be charged in order to maintain their wealth, via the dividends paid by these companies. With the support of government, how can they lose?


  2. I’m a Canadian on vacation in Italy for the summer. While here, I use an Italian cell phone and mobile Wi-Fi station. I pay some 25% less for both of these services than what I pay for just my cell phone (with equivalent services) back home Its incredible how we Canadians continuously get “shafted”!.


  3. I believe our government and the CRTC are quite happy about how our service providers have and continue to charge incredibly high prices. I don’t believe anything will ever be done. Instead, the CRTC continues to spend large amounts of money every year on surveys to gather information that Canadian’s have known for years now. It is then posted, and the CRTC is essentially saying “Hey, we’re here to show everyone how it works here in Canada, we don’t have to do anything about it.” It’s like the housing marking in Canada continues to get out of control, and it expands further and further out. Look at Vancouver, it started there’ and now every city outside of it is about the same price per land mass. Canadian company’s offset losses by raising prices and further damaging industries in Canada. This is how it works now. Canada is for the high class, and only the high class.


  4. The shareholders of Rogers, Bell, and Telus demand these high rates be charged in order to maintain their wealth, via the divid


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