Coffee-drinkers willing to pay more for latte art

Some would fork over 13% more



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(Bonnie Jo Mount/Getty Images)

(Bonnie Jo Mount/Getty Images)

Consumers are willing to pay “significantly more” for their coffees if they’re decorated with latte art, a new study shows.

The study, released in the Journal of Sensory Studies, illustrates an experiment where consumers were given nearly identical lattes–one with latte art, and the other without—and were asked to name how much they’d expect to pay for each.

It turns out that foam art decorated java seems much more valuable to consumers than an unadorned latte. The experiments found that people were willing to pay 11%-13% more for latte art on their coffees.

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The participants were also asked to rate various characteristics of photos of coffees shown to them and the photo showing a latte with art was also thought to be more intense in flavour and thus better quality.

The reason people are willing to pay more for lattes with art is because they believe they’re paying for the higher effort and skill of the barista, according to the study.

Here are some popular coffee houses in Canada and what they charge for a small latte:

Faema Caffe in the GTA: $3.15
Starbucks: $3.45
Aroma Espresso Bar: $3.55
Bulldog Coffee in Toronto: $4.00
deVille in Calgary: $4.29

2 comments on “Coffee-drinkers willing to pay more for latte art

  1. Must be nice just to throw money out in frivolous shit like this.


  2. What you don’t know is that latte art isn’t useless.

    Latte art is a reliable indicator for good coffee. You can’t make latte art if the espresso or milk has wrong consistency or temperature. If the art is all mixed up by the time it gets to your table, it is no good.

    Since you don’t know, you probably don’t have the taste for good coffee. It’s a blessing, save your money at Tim’s.


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