Is an Energy Star dryer worth the cost?

They promise to use 20% less energy but don’t expect to benefit financially right away

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From the December 2014 issue of the magazine.

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Starting in January, new Energy Star-certified clothes dryers will become available in Canada. These machines—equipped with moisture sensors that shut off machines when clothes are dry and pumps to recycle hot air back into the drum—promise to use 20% less energy than older models. Just don’t expect to save money right away if you’re shopping for a new machine. With prices starting at $1,200, Energy Star dryers will cost about $400 more than conventional dryers. But if your old machine has gone kaput, go ahead and shell out the extra money for the Energy Star model. Dryers typically last up to 15 years, and you’ll make up the $400 price difference within 12 to 13 years of electricity savings.
Energy Star dryer

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One comment on “Is an Energy Star dryer worth the cost?

  1. I’m guessing our current dryer is sucking away a lot of electricity/dollars. We’re trying to hang dry our clothes more often now. Obviously it’s a bit more realistic during the summer than the winter but we can still dry items fairly quickly putting a rack in the heater room.


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