Medical expenses that aren’t covered

Never assume all products and services are free

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From the January 2015 issue of the magazine.

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Since 1998, the amount we pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses has increased by 46%. But many of us still overestimate the number of health-care products and services that are covered by health insurance, according to a recent Sun Life survey. Below are the top services that we have to contribute towards, ranked by the percentage of Canadians who think they’re free.

medical expenses


2 comments on “Medical expenses that aren’t covered

  1. I have paid over $3000 this past year for medications, specialized physiotherapy, and other medical costs. Even the extra small amount paid by seniors for the covered OHIP meds adds up if you are on a great no. of meds. I am greatful the meds. covered but it would b nice if they were allowed 100% deduction on our income tax papers rather than the small percentage that they allow.


  2. Psychiatric treatment is covered by provincial health plans, because psychiatrists are medical doctors, Consultations with psychologists are another matter, because unlike psychiatrists, psychologists do not have medical degrees.


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