The perfect price: A winter coat

What’s the perfect price to pay for a winter coat?



From the November 2012 issue of the magazine.


High end: $800

Low end: $60

Perfect price: $150

“Usually you have to pay upwards of $150 to get a decent everyday winter coat for an urban setting,” says LOULOUmagazine’s Julia Cyboran. “Make sure you’re getting a good fabric that’s warm and not too thin with a polished look, like a wool topper or a down-filled puffer coat.”

4 comments on “The perfect price: A winter coat

  1. That seems about right. A decent one is around $200, and I would NEVER spend $800 unless I lived in the arctic.


  2. It all depends on the quality. Generally I spend about $130-$200. But if you plan ahead and always look for classic cuts, you can get a $400 coat for $150 at the end of season for last year. I mentioned this article in my office work wear blog ….I have a been a moneysense subscriber for years! Thank you for all the great articles.


  3. My best price for my winter coat is about $35 this year, which is what it is costing me to have a new zipper installed and drycleaned at the same time. The coat is about 5 years old, and in good shape, but the zipper failed at the end of last winter, and I toyed with the idea of buying new, then realized getting it repaired and cleaned professionally was far more cost effective for me at this point in time.

    Sure I love new clothes, but really there is nothing wrong with this classic London Fog winter jacket that I bought on sale 5 years ago.


  4. It's absolute fact thought by Julia! I'm looking for such kind of winter coat which will keep me away from the cool weather as well as express the fashionable taste, too. Thanks for informing about just as it is. I'll try to collect it for own-self.


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