10 cheapest international cities to visit

Adding more stamps to your passport doesn’t have to cost much


4 comments on “10 cheapest international cities to visit

  1. Bologna! …And I don’t mean the city in Italy either. Riga, Latvia didn’t make the list? Last time I checked, Tallinn, Estonia is cheaper than Prague. Mexico doesn’t have any “international” cities? No love here for Central or South America for that matter. Havana, Cuba? Granada, Nicaragua? Panama City? Chile? Argentina? Matter of fact, I believe I’ve stayed in central Manchester, England and Cardiff, Wales for less than the price this article is giving for Prague.


    • Agreed. I don’t have your breadth of knowledge, but clearly $95.09 US isn’t among the cheapest hotels in the world, along with a $71.04 US dinner for two (just picking Sofia Bulgaria for example).


  2. An this is why Money Sense is a waste of money ,and didn t renew my sub.


  3. I visited Budapest this year and can attest to the value it offers. Food and drink in general is very cheap, the city is walkable and beautiful. The article does not joke about the cafes, Budapest takes great pride in their cafes and coffee shops.

    I wrote a picture blog about my experience there, which you can check out here. http://www.moneywehave.com/budapest-travel-blog/


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