What can you buy with BitGold?

Believe it or not, you can now use gold to buy your daily coffee

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From the September/October 2015 issue of the magazine.

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Kevin Lee (BitGold Inc)

Kevin Lee (BitGold Inc)

BitGold.com is a new service that lets you make everyday purchases with solid gold—fully redeemable as 1kg Bullion Bars or BitGold’s 10g GoldCubes. Below, we muse about what a kilo bar of the precious stuff can buy you.

Bullion Brew: Why not start your day off right with 28,101 Tim Hortons double-doubles?

Golden Guide: Because one is never enough, 1,877 subscriptions to MoneySense

Canadian Treasure: Treat 187 of your closest friends to Celine Dion tickets in Las Vegas!

Gilded Gigabytes: Help turn around Apple’s sagging sales by buying 67 of its smartwatches

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  1. And so the war between money backed by gold and silver and currencies backed by paper promises continues. The push to eliminate cash is on – there are those that oppose it. Be interesting to see if this catches on or not…


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