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Compare exchange-traded funds with new ETF filter

New ETF tool also lets you stort by MERs and returns.


When it comes to investing options exchange-traded funds are still relatively new. But more and more ETFs are popping up, making it increasingly more difficult for the average investor to know where to put their money. (full disclosure: I used to be their investments writer) put together a nifty tool to help you determine the differences between ETFs.

The ETF filter lets you sort by management expense ratio, and various return timelines (YTD, 1-month, 3-month, etc…). The most interesting part about this is the ETF comparison tool. You can choose two ETFs (unfortunately not more) and see how they stack up against each other. Did you know iShares’ REIT index fund is performing better than the income trust one? (1-year return of 56.60% compared to 41.27%.) It’s also possible to determine the asset mix of your portfolio to see how it matches up with the rest of the ETF world.

Although Canadians can buy U.S. listed ETFs, the filter only includes Canadian ones. Check it out here.