I want to change careers. Where do I start?

I want to change careers. Where do I start?

Taking stock of the job you now hold is a great starting point to the career you want


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Q: I’m a nurse and would love to change careers but have no idea what I want to do. Where do I start?

—Linda, Montreal

A: A good place to start is where you are. Take inventory of all the aspects of your current career that you still love and what you really can’t stand.  There will likely be clues of what you are best suited for in the list. The next thing I get my clients to do is to describe their perfect job. You can do this without knowing the kind of work. It’s more about the environment. Where are you? What kind of people are you with? How many people? Office or home? What is the income? And so on. As you go through these exercises some consistent themes will float to the surface that can help guide you to your next career.

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Caird Urquhart is a MoneySense columnist and founder of New Road Coaching in Toronto.

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