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Boring tech stocks to buy

Sure Facebook is well-known but “boring” tech companies are often cheaper buys trading below market valuations.


Some of these stocks even offer bank-like stability. Consider adding these three reliable operations to your tech allocation:

Top Pick

Constellation software (TSX: csu)

This Canadian tech company sells logistics software and all contracts are long-term. A big acquirer of smaller companies, its 2.81% yield is the best of the bunch.

18.1 2013 P/E

IBM (NYSE: ibm)

These days this 100-year-old computer giant offers IT outsourcing services, signing customers up to long-life contracts. Revenues have been flat, but the bottom line has grown about 10% a year.

12.0 2013 P/e

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORcl)

This software company caters to business and is a great long-term investment, says Mawer Investment Management’s Paul Moroz. It has a 0.7% yield and modestly growing earnings.

12.5 2013 P/E

Forward Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E) compares a company’s current share price to its expected per-share earnings.

*(Data listed as of May 12, 2013).