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Ethical investing gets a bad rap

SRI funds not only make money, but you’ll feel good about investing too.


Ethical funds are a low-return, ineffectual way to invest your money — or so goes the common refrain. The numbers don’t lie: socially responsible investing (SRI) accounts for only about 2 cents of every dollar invested in retail mutual funds, according to The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick. Ethical funds, in the public mind, equal feeble funds.

But Carrick thinks ethical investing gets a bad rap, pointing readers to some SRI funds with returns as good as or better than standard funds. They may not be as high-stakes as the investment industry’s heavyweights, but they make money just the same, and they make you feel good to boot, whether by investing in small firms, channeling profit to micro-credit operations in developing countries, or simply by posting better-than-average returns on cash.