Friday roundup - MoneySense

Friday roundup

Baggage fees, cheap honeymoons and wedding pics, losing the clutter and the worst brownies you can bring to work.


If you’re flying to the U.S. on Air Canada anytime soon, be prepared to pay a luggage fee, even if you only have one bag to check.

The carrier plans to begin charging $25 for the first checked bag and will be increasing the charge for a second bag to $35 from $30.

The charges apply to tickets issued beginning next Wednesday for travel on or after Oct. 11.

For the soon-to-be-married in search of an inexpensive honeymoon destination, Free from Broke has a list of the top five most popular, cheap honeymoon locations.

• If you’re like most people, you’ve too much stuff. Briana at StupidCents has five tips on how to become a minimalist.

• Despite all the financial trouble in the world, weddings are not getting cheaper. So why should you feel pressured to spend thousands on pictures? A guest blogger at Give Me Back My Five Bucks asked herself this very question and discovered there are cheaper alternatives out there.

Canadian Couch Potato reveals part II of his interview with Craig Rowland, champion of the Permanent Portfolio.

• Not money-related per se, but in the interests of keeping one’s job, learn from the experience of this Victoria, B.C. woman. Never, EVER, bring brownies to work that you didn’t make yourself.