CFA survey predicts growth in the U.S. and China

Global economy set to rise—Canada, not so much

CFA survey predicts growth in the U.S. and China


A new survey of Chartered Financial Analysts, the CFA Institute 2014 Global Market Sentiment Survey, predicts that the coming year will be a good one for the global economy. Sixty-three percent of respondents expect the world’s economy to expand, up from 40% last year. However, the panel wasn’t so rosy on Canada’s fortunes: only 47% of members here expect our economy to grow.

The best regions for investors in the new year, according to the survey, are the United States and China. Brazil fared well in previous years, but no longer makes the list.

The big concerns for the coming year are the end of quantitative easing, which could have a negative impact on local markets, as well as a lack of investor trust in the financial system. In Canada, misselling—a salesperson misrepresenting products or services to investors—is a top concern.