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Haggling is a great way to save

Negotiation can your best chance at getting a good deal.


Tired of cutting every coupon you see? Why not try to haggle your way into a better deal.

Most Canadians think they’re  too polite for ask for a lower price tag, but Bankrate.com says that being able to negotiate a discount can produce incredible savings on everything from big-screen TVs to touristy knickknacks.

The trick lies in being kind, confident, and willing to pay a fair price. Asking for an outlandish discount isn’t likely to produce results, and the same thing goes for attempting to barter during a store’s busiest hours. Go in at the end of the day, ask to speak to the manager —  sales clerks usually can’t reduce prices — and be prepared to buy.

Another helpful tip is to think beyond an item’s sticker price. If a merchant isn’t willing to negotiate, they might throw in free delivery or installation.