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HST opponents told to take their medicine

From Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty to the Fraser Institute, everyone says HST is a smart move — except a lot of unhappy consumers.


The last few days have seen a flurry of support for the HST coming from all corners.

First up, The Globe and Mail’s Derek DeCloet calls B.C.’s anti-HST advocates an “alliance of knee-jerk populists, political opportunists and the financially clueless.” He argues that in the long term, HST will likely create a friendlier investment environment and more jobs. (See comments below the article for vociferous disagreement.)

In Ontario, Dalton McGuinty says HST is “strong medicine” but necessary. (Again, commenters beg to differ.)

And even the notably right-leaning, anti-tax Fraser Institute says the HST will be an economic boon, especially for lower and middle-income households.